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Buttocks Lift Layton & Park City, Utah:

Buttocks can sag because of genetic inheritance, time, weight loss and other factors. The problem can be two-fold; one is the loose skin envelope of the buttock resulting from weight loss or stretching and the other issue is a heavy buttock caused by excess fatty deposits. Standard treatments usually involve placing a synthetic implant under the buttock muscle or taking a large piece of skin out of the low back area and pulling the buttocks up like a pair of pants and suturing the skin together.

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The buttock lift treatment in Layton & Park City, Utah (also known as a butt lift) performed at Surface Medical Spas entails the use of a special stretchy suture that is placed deep in the buttock fat that causes a purse-string effect that “puckers” the buttock outward resulting in buttock projection and lifting. The buttock augmentation procedure at our facilities in Layton or Park City is done under local anesthetic and recovery is surprisingly short. You cannot feel the suture and people have survived slips on the ice and landing on the buttocks without any damage to the suture or the tissue (and no pain).

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