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At Surface Medical Spas we provide a full spectrum of anti-aging services for the face, both surgical and non-surgical.


Because we specialize in cosmetic facelifts we can find the procedure that will help you obtain the results that you want. Call to schedule a free consultation 801-776-2002.


3D Natural Facelift

Lift and contour your face in three dimensions with the 3D Facelift

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3D Natural Lift Utah


Encore Facelift

Lift and tighten loose skin with minimal downtime and no general anesthesia with the Encore Facelift

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Focused Ultrasound energy tightens skin non surgically with Ultherapy.

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Ultherapy Before and After


CO2 Fractional Resurfacing

Reduce wrinkles pigmentation and scarring with CO2 Fractional Resurfacing.

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Fractitional Laser Skin Resurfacing Utah


Fotofacial Rejuvenation

Reduce redness, age spots, pigmentation and vascularity with Fotofacial Rejuvenation.

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Utah Photofacials


Plasma Rejuvenation

Resurface age damaged skin with Plasma Rejuvenation.

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The Pointé Lift

Lift droopy brows and sagging jowls with The Pointé Lift.

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Pointe Lift


Vampire Facial

Resurfacing without lasers and little to no downtime with the PRP Facial.

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Vampire Facial


Earlobe Repair

Restore stretched and damaged earlobes with Earlobe Repair.

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Rid yourself of grimace lines, conspicuous crows feet or lip lines with Botox.

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Botox Salt Lake City


Lip Augmentation

Restore your youthful pout or enhance the one you have with a Lip Augmentation.

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Lip Augmentation Utah


Eyelash Extensions

Extend, lengthen and thicken your natural lashes with Eyelash Extensions.

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Eyelash Extensions Utah - Surface Medical Spa

Unwanted Pigment

Age spots, freckles, sunspots, birthmarks and the mask of pregnancy are all forms of or excessive skin pigment (dyschromia). In the past various treatment methods have been used with varying degrees of success. The most common treatment is bleaching the skin with either over-the-counter or prescription medications. The most effective of these creams seem to be “tri-luma” creams, which combine three separate ingredients including Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone blocks the production of melanin to lighten the skin.
FotoFacial type treatments remove or diminish unwanted pigment and color, fragmenting and dispersing the unwanted melanin in the skin with light energy. This fragmented pigment is then absorbed by the body and eliminated. Some superficial pigment migrates to the surface and crusts over and flakes off. These two mechanisms effectively eliminate pigment from the skin.
Unwanted pigment can be removed anywhere on the body but the face, neck, chest and hands are the most common treatment areas.

Static wrinkles.

If the skin is creased by prolonged muscle activity the wrinkles that form become permanent. Sleeping on the face night-after-night in the same position can also create permanent “sleep wrinkles”. These static wrinkles stay even when the muscles are relaxed as in deep sleep and Botox doesn’t do much here. The only way to know if the wrinkles are responsive to Botox is to try it and see if the wrinkles go away.

Wrinkles respond best to a combination of surface and deep skin treatments. Botox, filler injections, microdermabrasion, collagen lasers, chemical peels, Thermage, and FotoFacials all work together effectively. Consulting a specialist will help you decide upon the best treatment regimen for your individual needs.

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