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Cosmetic Surgery Utah - Forehead lift

Forehead Lift Utah:

One of the problems with traditional forehead lifts are the hairline is lifted higher.  This might be ok for very low foreheads but can be devastating for high foreheads.  At Surface Med, we have a forehead lift that does not elevate the hairline.  The lift involves using a local anesthetic and making an irregular incision just behind the hairline.  Another incision is made in the forehead exactly in the same irregular shape as the first.  The two lines are brought together and sewn with a special suture.  The area heals and the hair grows up through the scar to help hide the incision.  The irregular incision is necessary to help hide the scar, as a jagged scar is much less visible than a straight scar.  This type of forehead lift is especially good for people who have a high forehead to begin with as the endoscopic and trans-coronal lifts (an incision from ear to ear over the top of the head) will both further raise an already high forehead.

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