Cosmetic Surgery Utah – Skin Lesion and Mole Removal

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Cosmetic Surgery Utah – Skin Lesion Removal:

Skin lesions generally fall into two types; cancerous and non-cancerous.  Cancerous or suspected cancerous lesions need to be removed in such a way as to allow a pathologist to examine the tissue for malignancy.  Non-cancerous lesions may be destroyed if there is confidence that no malignancy exists.  At Surface we use the most appropriate technique to remove the skin lesion in such a way as to accomplish the task while leaving the least scarring.

Individual results will vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Cosmetic Surgery Utah – Mole Removal:

Simple moles can be removed using a “surgitron” device with special tips to remove non-cancerous moles in their entirety while leaving little scar behind.  The result is a flat scar that blends into the skin much better than a traditional excision scar.  This is the most desirable way to remove common moles with the best cosmetic result.

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