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Pointé Lifts for the face and body were developed by the physicians at Surface Medical Spas to provide an alternative to traditional surgical lifts for the face and body (face, brow, neck, thigh, breast and even the derriere) without cutting, stretching, stitches or lengthy recovery time.

This technique involves placing a small, special suture under the skin through a tiny needle hole. These sutures hold the skin in the desired location in much the same way as surgical techniques. After the procedure the skin quickly flattens out with its own natural tension. Local anesthetic is all that is required for the procedure allowing the patient to resume normal activities immediately.

The result is a completely natural-looking lift without cutting, scars, lengthy recovery time or the “stretched look” of traditional surgical lifts for the face and body.

Pointé Lift: Key Points

  • Surface Pointé Lifts Utah provide an alternative to traditional surgical lifts without cutting, stretching, stitches or recovery time.
  • Pointé Lifts Utah can be used in for brow lifts, neck lifts, lower facelifts, thigh lifts, breast lifts and other areas.
  • Pointé Lifts give a completely natural look.
  • Pointé Facelifts are completely reversible.

What makes the Pointe Lift different from other lift techniques?

  • Provide “lifts” very similar to surgical techniques.
  • Pointé lifts for the face and body Utah are performed without cutting, stretching, or stitches.
  • Preformed without incisions or general anesthetic.
  • No physical recovery time.
  • Looks completely natural.
  • Cost less than traditional, surgical facelifts.
  • The results are very long lasting or permanent.
  • Pointé lifts for the face and body Utah leave no visible scars.
  • Pointé lifts for the face and body Utah can be removed and replaced.
  • The chance of complications or infection is greatly reduced.

Possible Complications with Pointé Lift Treatments for the face and the body Utah

Pointé lifts complications are very rare. However, as with any medical treatment in which the skin is broken there is the risk of infection. The risks of infection from Pointé lifts for the face and body are much less than surgical techniques.

About non-surgical lifts for the face and body in Utah

Loose or wrinkled skin that has been stretched by age and exposure has been treated in the past with surgery. Traditional “face lifts” undermine (separate) the skin and then pull it towards the ears to make it tighter. The excess skin is cut away and the edges are sutured together. Permanent scars in the hairline and in front of the ears are necessary for this correction. A well-done facelift can last ten years before needing to be redone. Surgical face-lifts are still common but don’t do much for thin skin and can look artificial and stretched. It requires a number of weeks to look normal enough to go into public with traditional facelifts and they don’t always meet expectations.

The desire to have a truly non-surgical facelift that offered dramatic results prompted the development of Pointé Lifts for the face and body.

Pointé Lifts for the face and the body offer a surgical result without surgery.

With Pointé Lifts for the face and the body, the temporal area (forehead) face and neck are the most common treatment areas. The procedure is performed through a tiny needle hole hidden in the hairline. The needle hole is so small (about the thickness of a pencil lead) that suturing is unnecessary to close it. The procedure usually takes about a little over an hour and the patient is ready to go. There is no or very little downtime for healing or recovery with temporary soreness lasting two or three days. Patients describe immediate post treatment feeling as wearing a ponytail that’s too tight and experience a tension headache for the first 24 hours that can be treated with aspirin.

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