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Ultra Laser Lift

Are you ready to give traditional Face Lifts a run for their money?Here at Surface Medical Spas we are offering a procedure available no where else! By combining two advanced technologies we are able to achieve results similar to a Full Face Lift without surgery! This procedure can be completed in one day, followed by a few days of recovery time.

How does Ultra Laser Lift Work

We start our Ultra Laser Lift by lifting the skin back to the muscle using a procedure called Ultherapy. This technology utilizes Ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin using heat. Reversing the effects of gravity by drawing the skin back to the muscle on the same level of skin that a surgeon is on during a Face Lift procedure.

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Ultra Laser Lift

Salt Lake City Ultra Laser Lift

Then we complete your Ultra Laser Lift by using our Fractionated CO2 Resurfacing treatment to revitalize the skin at the surface. Using this technology we are able to reduce superficial and deep wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, lift the eyelids, even texture and improve the tone of the skin. We are able to do this by pinpointing areas of the dermis and using a laser stimulate growth of new, healthy skin, the areas left unaffected by the laser facilitate fast healing and reduce risks involved with traditional resurfacing procedures.

By creating a deep lifting effect and superficial resurfacing we are able to create a lift you will find no where else!

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Many of our patients from Layton and Park City would never even consider having bag-type implants done due to the possible complications involved and the frequent unnatural look and feel of bag implants. With a Natural Breast Augmentation tm almost all of these complications can be avoided.